Your diesel engine plays a major role in your vehicle, so it is especially important that you be aware of problems and seek repairs immediately. Because diesel engines make a considerable amount of noise during normal, everyday operation, diagnosing diesel engine problems can be hard to do if you are listening in on the engine.  

So, do not hesitate - our diesel specialists can take care of your vehicle’s engine and provide the necessary repair and maintenance services, to ensure it is always in a road-ready condition.

Our experienced and certified mechanics have spent many a year working in the diesel engine repair industry and have received the professional training necessary to work on diesel engines.

We provide a comprehensive set of diesel engine services, among which:

● Diesel injector maintenance, repair and replacement

● Diesel engine diagnostics

● Glow plugs replacement and service

● Turbo chargers service and repair

If you own a diesel engine vehicle and are in need of repairs and  services, stop by our shop or schedule an appointment today, to save time and money!